Abigail’s First Date

I grew up in a super conservative household. I was not allowed to date until I was 18, and so my first date took place during my senior year of high school. I was super excited to finally be allowed to date, and there was this nice, funny guy at school who always smelled really good. Apparently cologne does its job. I had my eye on Jeffery* for a while, so just before my birthday, my dad bent the rules for me. I was ready for that first date.  I suppose technically our first date was to homecoming, but I’m not going to count it, mostly because it was a cliche school dance date, and also William’s date story is at a dance.

Jeffery and I had our first date in Harper’s Ferry. He picked me up on a crisp fall day, in his old, white sedan. Our original plan was to go hiking, but the mud made that impractical. Instead, when we arrived, we walked the canal pathway, taking in all the scenery and that wonderful smell of fall and post-rain freshness. We took a selfie in front of the overlook, because, did a first date really happen if there is no selfie? We stopped into the historical buildings and explored the area around the town. I put my arm in his as we strolled, and I just remember how tense he felt. I think he was more nervous than I was. He took me to dinner at this place that had been an inn since the Civil War. We sat outside the inn on a little patio, and the view was beautiful. You could just look down the cobbled street and see all the shops and the sun peeking out from over the rooftops. It was a wonderful first date.

Sadly, Jeffrey and I dated for several months, but the chemistry just wasn’t there. I don’t think he ever got past that initial nervousness. In fact, I think maybe my strong will and opionatedness might have intimidated him a bit. Ah well, he wasn’t The One. I will hand it to him, though; he did give me a great first date.

*names changed for privacy


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