Date Idea #1

Date idea for the athletes:
Disc Golf
-Cost: Relatively cheap
-Time: 1-2 hours
-Health: Great
-Comfortability: Very comfortable
Here’s a date idea for the athletes among us: Disc Golf. For those of you who are thinking, “What in tarnation is that?” Now, don’t get too rowdy; I can explain. It’s golf with frisbees. Crazy, right? Now that we have crossed that bridge, let’s move on to the benefits to this date idea. First off, it’s relatively cheap. Disc golf is really popular among young hipsters, and they aren’t huge fans of having money, so most disc golf courses are free to play. In addition, if you don’t have you’re on discs they aren’t that expensive to buy. They are usually around $20. However, if you don’t want to invest into the art of golfing with discs, just stroll on down to the nearest organic coffee shop where your hipster friends hangout and ask them if you can borrow some of theirs.
When it comes to time, disc golf rounds are much faster than normal golf. 9-holes take about an hour and 18-holes take around two hours, which saves time for dinner if you’d like.
If you are interested in doing dates that benefit your health, then disc golf is perfect. Disc golf doesn’t have golf carts (I could throw in another hipster joke, but I feel alive already ruined my relationship with that demographic enough), so that means walking to each hole. Also, surprisingly, disc golf involves throwing frisbees, so that’s another form of exercise. Be warned: disc golf is an outdoor sport, so make sure the weather is nice.
Finally, we all want to be comfortable on dates; especially, if it’s a first date. How comfortable will you be playing disc golf? I believe it’s very easy to be comfortable on this date. Chances are your date isn’t great at disc golf, unless they play consistently, but you would probably no that prior. If they aren’t great, then you have no pressure to do well. You can have fun playing terribly together. On the other hand, some couples enjoy competition, and this is a great outlet for that desire. Also, you don’t have to worry about be gross and sweaty because you’re date will be in the same state.
Disc golf is a relatively cheap, non-time consuming, health-benefiting, comfortable, outdoor date idea that is especially successful among the athletic couples. However, it can still be fun for those who don’t play sports because it doesn’t require intense activity.